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Presto Mobile – About Us

We want to be a reliable source of information to Consumers interested in 12 Volt Upgrades and Aid & Assist with Installations at our facility if needed. We represent the 12 Volt Installations of Consumer Electronics and The 12 Volt Community and everyday people just like me and you!

My name is Larry and I’m an (MECP) Mobile Electronics Certified Professional and I have been blessed with over 20 years of hands-on experience and working with just about every vehicle ever made, Accurate & Detailed Information and unlimited resources have been the backbone of my career.


A Little History

In the early 1970s, my father started a business called Presto Building Services and he was a Licensed Master Plumber, Painter and all around maintenance service in Central Arkansas.

As I grew up I was always hold something for him while he worked or had to go fetch something to finish up a project. After a few summers I had learned so much and I was good with my hands.

Over the years I would look forward to working with my father and the day came to a point in life where I was ready to start my own business. With my father by my side we went to City Hall and started the process and I had yet to come up with a name. After about 30 min my dad was frustrated but watching patiently. I was dumb-fumbled and the lightbulb came on!

Presto: (exclamation) a phrase announcing the successful completion of a trick, or suggesting that something has been done so easily that it seems to be magic!”

The Presto stuck and I wanted it to represent my field in Mobile Electronics. 

PRESTO MOBILE was born  July 12, 2004. My Father was the proudest ever and has been right by my side every day!


How I Got Started?

Technology has always intrigued me and in 1976 there was not a whole lot going and we kinda grew up in this era between the 80s and 90s when a lot of growth was taking place.

My 1st Installation was 1991 in a 1987 Renault. We removed the knob radio with cassette and got a Spark-a-matic CD player from Western Auto, Mc Hammer was Too Legit, To Quit!

After High School went on to work at a local Window Tint & Alarms shop where I learned the trade of Audio Installations & continue to work there for several years.

Over the course of time, I learned Auto Security, Cruise Controls, Remote Starts and how to troubleshoot electrical issues.

We were all encouraged to take the MECP Certification Test and to do projects with our own vehicles for exposure and more hands-on experience.


Some Areas That I Have Knowledge Of

Some of my knowledge covers areas of different vehicles styles and modifications which in short has to be taken into consideration per application due to the environmental challenges.

Marine: Boats, some ATV’s. We offer Audio, Lighting Upgrades and Repairs, Alarms & Accessories

Commercial: Tractor Trailers, Farming Tractors, Dump Trucks. We offer Audio, Lighting Upgrades and Repairs, Power Inverters, Alarms, Accessories & Vehicle Integrations.

Luxury: Limousines, Vans, Recreation Vehicles RV’s, Mercedes-Benz, VW, Lexus, BMW, Caddillac’s. We offer Audio, Lighting Upgrades, Power Inverters and Repairs, Accessories & Vehicle Integrations.

Passenger Trucks: 1500/2500/3500, Every make and model. We offer Audio, Lighting Upgrades, and Repairs, Remote Starts, Alarms, Vehicle Integrations & Accessories

Passenger Cars: Every make and models. We offer Audio, Lighting Upgrades, and Repairs, Remote Starts, Alarms & Vehicle Integrations.

Cycles: We offer Lighting and Audio Installations.

The best part of my job is every year a new car or new product is coming out and that means there is something new to learn almost every month!! I like to believe this keeps me sharp and in the “Knowledge of things”!

Feel free to ask any questions email me support@prestomobile.net and I will do my best to guide you in the right direction!

Proper, Preparation, Prevents, Poor, Preformace!

Your 12 Volt friend,




2 Replies to “About Us”

  1. Larry,
    You have a lot of experience in this field. Have you ever worked on classic cars, I like to have at one to work on. The wiring is not up to the current models, if you upgrade electrical things, you have to run new wires.
    Great start keep up the information.

    1. Yes, John from 50’s models on up we LOVE classics around here! If there’s anything I can do for you let me know : )

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