iPhone Repair North Little Rock, Arkansas

iPhone Repair

North Little Rock – Sherwood – Cabot – Jacksonville Arkansas

We have Mobile Repair in the Jacksonville & Sherwood Area and we do this as a convenience for locals in the area. Appointments keep our business in order and we ask that all customers make an appointment by using our website and going to the services and entering your information in the short form. You will be contacted shortly make sure that in the comments that you briefly describe a good day and time for the repair.

Repairs by Appointment:

3504 Schaer Street

North Little Rock, Arkansas 72118

iPhone Repair
Please select the color of your home button.
Please enter the model of the phone you would like repaired and any additional information.

Services are offered Monday – Friday Appointments only.

We go out of our way to provide you with fast reliable service. Please note that any phone that does not show any form of life, a deposit of 1/2 the cost of the repair will be required.

  • Drop Off and Pick Up ( 8 am-5: 30 pm)
  • Local Repairs ( 8 am – 5:30 pm)
  • Emergency Repair Add $10 ( Before 8 am or After 6 pm)
  • Mail-in repairs available, just add shipping cost. Mail to: Presto Mobile, PO Box 456, Jacksonville Arkansas 72078. Please provide all of your contact information with your mail in repair.

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Mister Griffo

Presto Mobile



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