HP Pavilion x360 Digitizer Replacement

Normally if any device is serviceable and we can acquire the parts we are going to fix it! This HP Pavilion x360 is no different. The customer has found that we have repaired a few laptops and tablets, request help by asking for a price quote.


The Digitizer is cracked not the LCD, the touch is only affected in certain areas around the crack. If the LCD was damaged you would see display issues like black areas and lines and unable to see the complete picture clearly.

What we normally do to price repairs is do a price search of how much the device cost before we actually do a repair. If the LCD or Digitizer Repair is going to be over half the cost of the device we normally notify the customer and make sure that they are okay with the repair. in this case, the HP Pavilion x360 15-Convertible Laptop Core i5-7200U, 8GB Ram was valued at $599 + and the Simda X7U13AR  was valued below $100. I’ve highlighted these just in case, you have the same model.


The Touch Screen Digitizer we used to repair the HP Pavilion x360 is the Simda X7U13AR works for model BK 153NR.

The Digitizer and LCD were removed from The Laptop case to make sure we could identify the part and help in the ordering process to make sure we get the correct part.


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