Philips Automotive Bulb Size Finder


To help those who are thinking about purchasing bulbs to replace one that is out of service or for upgrading purposes, it’s always a good idea to know the size or at least double check.  The 100% fail-proof way to know what size your actual bulb size, is to physically remove the bulb and read the markings and identifying letter codes.  In some cases the headlight may need to be removed to access the bulb and its too much trouble just to check and get the bulb and have to remove it again : )   Either way, Philips Bulb Finder is by far the best method for finding out your sizes for headlights, interior/exterior and throughout the vehicle. Click here for Automotive Bulb Size Finder.

TECH TIP: The size of the bulb is on the front of the headlight lens. It’s clear and almost unnoticeable. Raised lettering along the edges will have letters and numbers marking low beams and high beams. It’s a great idea to look them up so you can have a general idea and then confirm it by looking at the actual lens when it’s too much of an issue to physically remove the bulb first.

Featured LED Headlight Bulb:

Philips LED Headlight H8, H11 or H16

The best place to purchase: Amazon

The Philips LED Headlight has solid reliability and great lighting beam pattern. If you are still using Halogen standard issue headlights in your vehicle and having a difficult time seeing at night I recommend an upgrade of any kind.  To put more light on the road and have great working lights is the key. The quality of the LED Headight System to produce a high output of bright white light and to be able to operate without overheating so you can enjoy the brightest over long periods of time. You have to accept the fact that things that cost more to develop and have better parts will cost you a little more than just something put together and sprayed a pretty color at a cheap price.

  • 6000K color temperature (Bright White in color)
  • 12-year expected lifetime backed by a 3-year limited warranty
  • The optimal thermal design ensures maximum cooling of LED
  • For replacement of H8, H11 or H16 halogen fog bulbs



How to find the right replacement bulb:

  • Start by selecting your vehicle or searching by part number. The part number can usually be found on the bulb.