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At some point of owning a vehicle, I think we can all agree that we have wanted or needed to change out our headlights. Over time, we can develop a yellow buildup, condensation or have some cracking in the headlights. These are some undesirable issues that make your vehicle look awful and a lot of the time reducing the headlight output. Nobody likes dim lights and having to struggle to try to see at night.


We will cover the Aftermarket Headlight and everything that goes along with it. Styles, Bulbs, Projectors, Installation, Condensation, Retrofitting and wiring. Let’s get started!


Headlight Assembly Styles


Understanding the various types of headlights can simplify your decision to select the right type of headlights for your vehicle. Aftermarket Headlight Assemblies have a variety of styles and the option and have many features.

Composite and Sealed Beam Headlights

Sealed Beam headlights have the bulb and lens in a single unit, while in Composite headlights, the lens, filament, and reflector are housed in separate units. In case of a sealed beam headlight, if one of its components fails, it requires the entire assembly to be replaced. Composite headlights, only the defective component needs to be replaced.

Reflector and Projector Headlights

Reflector headlights use a light source and a chrome-plated surface that reflects the light to project an intense beam. The chrome piece that surrounds the bulb controls the beam pattern, thereby protecting oncoming drivers from a direct glare.

Projector headlights have the bulb located in a projector bowl that reflects the light towards a projector lens. The lens is located in a metal housing that is chrome-plated. The light then hits a piece of metal that creates the pattern of light that is projected on the road. The projectors generate a more concentrated light beam compared to that of the reflector headlights.



Headlight Replacements & Upgrades


OE Headlight Assemblies are “original equipment,” direct product of the manufacturer that was produced in their facilities or in a factory under contract to produce them specifically for the car manufacturer usually comes in manufacturer packaging stating “genuine” parts. Same brand as the Dealership in most cases. These will usually cost a little more than Aftermarket OEM Replacements.
OEM Headlights makes parts for a car company based on specific design instructions from the car company’s engineers and designers. In the case of headlight assemblies, these parts meet the car company’s design requirements for appearance, function, and proper fit.

Aftermarket Headlights are manufactured by a company other than your car manufacturer. They can be produced at a high volume and made to fit the specifications of your vehicle. They are similar to OEM parts in like, kind, and similar quality, but they may not be a perfect fit because they are made by a third party. As you can imagine, they are often also much cheaper.

ret·ro·fit retrōˈfit/ verb1. add (a component or accessory) to something that did not have it when manufactured. “drivers who retrofit catalysts to older cars” provide (something) with a component or accessory not fitted to it during manufacture. “buses have been retrofitted with easy-access features” noun: retrofit; plural noun: retrofits 1. an act of adding a component or accessory to something that did not have it when manufactured. a component or accessory added to something after manufacture


Retrofit Headlights adding upgraded lighting, paint, custom projectors and accessories to the headlight assembly that was not had when manufactured. Usually requires removal from the vehicle and the disassembly of the headlight lens cover. Upgrades and additional equipment are added and the headlight is reassembled.



Aftermarket Headlight Assemblies



This Company (ANZO)  has been around for a while and over the years made it possible for us to give our vehicles the look we were trying to get. A lot of the time the ANZO was cheaper than our Direct Factory Replacement and after some headlight issues or damage, it just made sense to get a different look at a more affordable price. At least that,s what happened to me lol.

Every AnzoUSA product is backed by a 1- YEAR WARRANTY against manufacturer defects. With over three decades of professional manufacturing experience and with ISO 9002 and German T.U.V quality certification, AnzoUSA has made itself a powerful competitor and leading brand in the world market. They strive to persistently meet ever-changing design specifications and needs; flexible, real-time service and preserving customer satisfaction. AnzoUSA looks forward to building a bright future with you!

These F150 Headlight Assemblies come in Black, Chrome, and Smoked. These can really jazz up the front of your Ford Truck, a variety of styles to get the perfect look to stand out in front of the pack. Take a look at the ANZO F150 Headlight.


**Does not fit models with Factory HID’s or LED’s *** Does not fit 2017 Raptor
Lens/ Housing ColorClear Lens / Black HousingLight SourceProjector with Halogen BulbsLight ColorWhite/ AmberHalo TypeLEDBulb TypeHalogenOriginTaiwanHigh / Low BeamH7




Ford F150 2017-15 OEM LED Headlights Low/High beam

The OSRAM Company needs no introduction at all, OEM Manufactures of Automotive and Industrial Lighting. These Headlights are for owners who demand the BEST when being #2 is not an option! OEM Quality and the price… you just have to respect it!

Ford F150 2017-15 OEM LED Headlights Low/High beam

These Headlights are brand new OEM Ford parts. Not used, not reconditioned, not aftermarket. This is the best way to upgrade your 2015-17 Truck with the best lighting Ford has ever offered, but without adding $3000 worth of other useless options to the truck when buying new. They include new, original Ford LED ballasts too.
Most importantly, and what sets this kit apart is the fully plug n play conversion harness that will allow you to control all functions of the new LED Lights without any cutting or splicing into the factory wiring. Try “rigging” these lights up without this special harness and you’ll be disappointed with flickering headlights and non-working LED signals. Morimoto offers some of the coolest Aftermarket Headlights around and performance is always a priority!





Take a look at what Spec-D is offering in 2018!

Spec-D Tuning 2018 Catalog PDF

Spec-D Tuning Truck Edition 2017 PDF

Spec-D Tuning, we pride ourselves on our superb knowledge of automobile parts and the accessory market that is rapidly evolving each year. The ability to quickly adapt to any changes in the marketplace has become the key to a successful business in today’s economy. To keep the industry trends, we expand our knowledge in attending renowned conventions and shows. In addition, Spec-D Tuning has been recognized and awarded within a majority of popular automotive magazines. Our extensive knowledge, as well as our willingness to act upon it, has enabled us to become the industry’s lead automotive parts provider.





Click here to see pictures of the event and a lot of cool headlights and trucks having fun!!!

Spyder has been around for years and we thought they should be featured in this article, they have been participating in a lot of events and on the scene at SEMA.

( Spyder ) Toyota Tundra 2014-2016 Projector Headlights – Light Bar DRL – Black Smoke


2014-2017 Toyota Tundra

  • Assembly Without Bulb(s)
  • Product fit Direct Replacement
  • Headlight LED Type Osram LED
  • Replaces parts  number TO2502218, TO2503218
  • Replaces OEM number 811500C080, 811100C081
  • Location Driver and Passenger Side
  • Lens Color Clear Lens
  • Notes Not Compatible with Models w/ OEM LED Headlights
  • Type Composite
  • Housing Color Black
  • Bulb Type Halogen




You have to Know that this company is second to none and the quality is always up to standard, take a moment to see the manufacturers at work.


TYC is OE OEM and Aftermarket Headlight Replacements
This is a testament to the TYC quality in design and manufacturing facilities. The aftermarket lamps produced are utilizing many of the same stringent OE quality control protocols.


Aftermarket Headlight Installation

The Headlight Manufacturers usually includes a simple Installation Manuel for your vehicle. If not you may want to go to the website of the company and see If you can find an installation manual or possibly a video that will guide you through the process. Youtube can be a great source of information, see if you can find someone who has already completed the task. Aside from that, since there are so many different vehicles a few pointers that may help you out.


Locate the tools you need for the removing the headlights, tools may change depending on Year/Make/Model.

Common Tools:

  • 1/4″ Drive Ratchet
  • 7,8,10mm Socket
  • 6″ Extension
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Crimpers & Strippers
  • Panel Removers (Presto Mobile Tip: Plastic tools on Plastic parts)

Note: If this is something you will be doing on the regular invest in small power tools for speed!

I like to always do this on the shop/garage floor or if needed concrete slab. this way if you drop something you can hear it and locate it. Snap-on and other name brand tools can be expensive and dropped in the grass or dirt can be unheard and possibly stepped on when to try to locate them.

Find a small container or box to keep your screws and plastic fasteners from getting scattered around while you work.

Try not to damage you plastic fasteners we will be reusing those during the reassembly process.

Carefully remove your headlight and disconnect any electrical connectors.


Headlight Condensation

If you are doing a retrofit use quality sealant around the headlight lens. Clean out the old sealant and use Morimoto Retro Rubber Butyl Glue, best sealant and easy to use.This is a crucial part of the headlight and before you put your headlights back on, make sure all the dust caps are attached and if you upgraded the headlights make sure you made the correct modification to put the dust caps back.

Condensation control is important and I always like to add clear silicone or flex seal around the complete headlight while I have them out and in the open where it is easy to work on them. Please do this especially if its difficult to get to the lights or you have dropped the bumper cover just to get to the lights this will save you some frustration down the road.

I have seen some retrofitters use Silica Gel Moisture Packs inside the headlight housings. Bolt on Breather Vents allows the pressure and gasses escape from the Headlight, Lens.
Reinstall in reverse order. Test the lights to make sure they work properly. Some Aftermarket Headlights will require extra wiring or additional components to work correctly. I will cover this in the Aftermarket Headlight Wiring Section coming up in my next post!

Make sure to take your time and make sure everything lines up snug and that it fits properly. Secure the Headlight by installing all of the screws and bolts that were removed.

Knowledge | Adding On


Here at Presto Mobile, we love Automotive and Lights! If you have any advice or pointers we would love to hear from you and see different products available that you would like to see featured from all of you! Got cool pics send them to us, especially if its something we were able to be a part of.  If you have anything you want to add to the post, please comment below or send content to


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  1. Hey Griffo, I really enjoyed reading your post here about the aftermarket headlight assemblies. I’m a mechanic myself and I think that lights are the easiest way to change the style of a car after the wheels. I own a Toyota Hilux and was actually looking for some lights that would look good, but still, fit behind the cage I have on it and those lights here look pretty cool. I do have one question though. How is the build quality? Because usually, I try to stay away from anything that has to do with cars and comes from the US.

    1. Hello Mr. Aaron, 

      The build quality in the USA? Well I have to say I love my 73 Chevy Step Side Pickup Truck, but if I was going to buy a new truck it would not be a Chevy, lol! I would say that no matter where you get your lights, don’t be the first one to buy them, read some reviews and do some research before you purchase. Unless you know the company and the standards they have!

      Morimoto has one of the best reputations in the headlight market and special lighting are sometimes outsourced to different companies. i must say this when they use other companies it like Top Producers like OSRAM and the like. We use Morimoto for those that have the highest standards and put things to the test and push the limits of their products. 

  2. Hey Griffo, I really enjoyed reading your post here about the aftermarket headlight assemblies. I’m a mechanic myself and I think that lights are the easiest way to change the style of a car after the wheels. I own a Toyota Hilux and was actually looking for some lights that would look good, but still, fit behind the cage I have on it and those lights here look pretty cool. I do have one question though. How is the build quality? Because usually, I try to stay away from anything that has to do with cars and comes from the US.

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