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It was late in the evening and a good friend of mine was in need of headlight upgrade. 2014 KIA Sorento came with projectors and standard issue Halogen bulbs. We are all too familiar with the dim yellowish color that leaves us struggling to see the road at night. The call of duty was on me and I could not refuse the task at hand, it was time for installation and I had to bring the most reliable solution into play.

Situation: Dim

Well at this point any lighting technology other than Halogen will be brighter or appear to have a better color of light. Bright light is great, but a stable controlled light source that produces a lot of usable light that puts the light down the road is where it matters the most!


My next concern was how reliable would the bulb itself be? It’s good to have nice headlights that are very bright and provide the light output that is needed to be safe while driving. But the bigger picture is even though we get the perfect brightness, how long will it last?

Nobody wants to change out a headlight out once a month, or late at night trying to get home before getting a ticket. LED Headlight Technology was definitely the first thing that came to my mind and my friend quickly agreed as well.


KIA Sorento | Need To Knows!

Part 1: Bulb Size

I was curious about the electrical needs and bulb type from the beginning, and if you’re doing this same vehicle you need to know this! I looked the vehicle upon Philips Bulb Finder and I was not sure If it was an SX, EX, LX or Limited the vehicle had no badging?

So being the GOOD INSTALLER that I claim to be, I looked up all models and this is what I found:

2014 KIA Sorento

  • SX: Low Beam H11
  • EX: Low Beam H11
  • LX: Low Beam H11
  • Limited: Low Beam HID-D3S

After removing the bulb this 2014 KIA Sorento had H7 for Low/High Beam

Installer: Job doesn’t start until theirs a problem and you have to figure it out on your own and knowledge and resources is all that is left! Until this day it had a 100% success rate LOL, Low Beams and High Beams were H7! So word to the wise, the best way to identify your bulb size is to physically remove the bulb before purchasing or retaining any parts. Hopefully, this will save someone else some time and effort!


Tricky Business | Installation Tip

Please note that the H7 bulb was held in by some retainer twist lock and was not able to be used to hold this LED Headlight bulb in place. Find a spring holder retainer off some old lights and screw them down. But if you are like me at all, I did not have anything lying around and had to improvise with some large paper clips and bend them around the screw, cross the bulb and secure them. The bulb was recessed in the hole had to use a filler out of an HID Bulb Pack (the soft black surround that holds the bulb in the protective lens) had to manipulate it in before I secured the bulb down. I’m telling you this because I could have saved an hour if I had known this beforehand!!

Part 2: Electrical Requirements

I’ve had the pleasure of doing the installations on several KIA vehicles and I even used LEDs on a few, but not only did I have an issue, but the Can bus I had was not strong enough LOL. I had to use some Heavy Duty Can bus Pro Solution to get these to work correctly and it never showed any light out indicator and the problem only occurred when the vehicle was in gear! When the vehicle was in park, looked great and worked fine only when in gear was it apparent that the vehicle was going to need some extra attention. Everything fit back into the Headlight housing for a flawless install, it took some effort but it was well worth the time!


The Solution | Morimoto XB LED Headlight H11 LED Headlight

The XB LED Headlight speaks for itself and out the box, the quality is the first thing that will grab your attention. After installation, the clarity of the bulbs was just what was expected and I got to say this… it better results than what was predicted.

I had doubts about the projectors being good enough to do the job right. Factory Projectors can be of a low quality on some vehicles, but in this case, the XB LED Headlight got the most out of them! Take a look at the pics and I put a small review and specs in the end of the content for those who are interested in actual numbers.

The end result was AWESOME, and the best part is when your customer is happy and you feel like the installation will last over the times and you can take a deep breath and relax!

Details | Morimoto XB LED Headlight



  • Delivers everything stated.
  • The look and feel of the craftsmanship are second to none.
  • The bulb sizes that the 2Stroke comes in are interchangeable. If you decide to trade a vehicle, remove the bulbs and put old bulbs back in getting an adapter to fit your new vehicle and PRESTO back in business!
  • Nice beam pattern


Not available in all sizes H13, 9004/9007

Product: Morimoto XB LED Headlight (H7)


Safety: Drive at night with confidence the 2Stroke bulbs are simply AWESOME! Prior to these, optics could only ever allow LED bulbs to be used as auxiliary lighting, high beams, fog lights, etc. No longer an issue here, as the optics for the 2Stroke bulbs are unique compared to other sizes in the range in order to produce the best possible results in 9005, 9006, H7, H11, 9012, D2H/D2S headlights.

NOTE: Not for use in low voltage high/low beam DRL applications.

Pretty Cool: Heat management is crucial for lumen maintenance and reliability. The 2Stroke bulb’s internally opposed 1.5mm copper boards extract as much heat as possible from the area surrounding the LED chips and transfers it to the radiator at the back of the bulb.The key here though is that the 2Stroke’s copper core has almost 3x more surface area than anything else on the market, and its fan is A) Mounted sideways so that it not only sucks cool air but also blows hot air out. B) It’s a magnetic levitating unit, so there’s no ball bearing to seize up and eventually fail.

Size Matters: Due to the extra depth of most LED bulbs, they can be a tough fit inside headlights with solid plastic rear housing caps. The 2Stroke is no different, but we thought about you! They come with specially designed housing cap extensions to solve that common problem. If the original halogen bulb is exposed it’s not a problem, but if it’s internally wired and capped off: you would not be able to close the headlight back up without these caps. They look pretty cool too, with the embossed “2S” logo molded into the back.

Benchmark: Morimoto. The Automotive Lighting Benchmark. Globally recognized as the brand to beat. No other brand blends performance and genuine product quality quite like this.



2x Morimoto 2Stroke


2x 9006 Fitment


2x Morimoto 2S Regulators


2x “2S” Rubber (60mm dia)


18 Months



9005, 9006, H7, H11, 9012, D2H/D2S

4V-9V non-pulsed

CONFIRM FITMENT:                                  


5000lm (raw; per bulb)


34w (per bulb)


6-30V DC


2.7A 12V DC

Find my size!



2x CREE XHP50 per bulb










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